Shandong Qiyuan Metal Products Co., Ltd. has its own independent warehouse, kaiping processing equipment and so on.The company passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, production and sales of various specifications of pure aluminum pure copper, plates, tubes, rods, coils, decorative pattern aluminum plate, embossed aluminum, reflective aluminum plate, anti-rust aluminum plate, aluminum alloy, mirror aluminum sheet, aluminum plate of 5052 and 1070 6061 aluminum sheet, aluminum tape, aluminum foil, aluminum plate, the thick aluminum plate, aluminum plate, corrugated aluminium, etc., all the year round for aluminum spot hundreds of tons, timely provide products to customers.It can also be used for surface wire drawing, anodic oxidation, coloring, sand blasting and other treatments.Materials are widely used in stamping production, home appliance industry, plate and gold production, decoration curtain wall, automobile industry, mold processing, shipbuilding, pipe insulation, lighting, advertising signage and so on.

Another aluminum plate processing projects: aluminum plate shear, aluminum coil, aluminum laminate, aluminum bar sawing, punching aluminum plate, aluminum plate oxidation, aluminum plate tie-in processing.

Company since its inception, always adhere to customer first, honest and trustworthy, mutual benefit, the market first business philosophy, give full play to the advantages of talents, information, and cost-effective, do fine, high level and service quality constantly, perfect marketing network, the implementation of diversified sales way, strives for the survival in the developing, become bigger and stronger in the constantly improve themselves, to good reputation and scientific management to promote the rapid development, has won the general customers the high praise.The company introduces German production equipment and technology, strong production capacity, strict processing technology.



Shandong Qiyuan Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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